“Empowering Women in Cambridge since 1945!”

BPW makes a difference!

Since 1945, the Business and Professional Women of Cambridge has operated continuously as a voluntary organization of working women. We are an equality seeking group focusing on improving the economic, political, employment and social conditions of women in the workforce.

BPW Cambridge meets regularly to learn how we can support our members and women throughout the world to succeed in our careers and professions.

Through a worldwide sisterhood of clubs and parent organizations at the provincial, national and international levels, the Cambridge BPW is proud to be a part of a long standing organization that makes a difference to the lives of women.

After checking our website, we encourage you to send us an email. A member will be pleased to give you more inside information about the benefits of membership in our vital organization.

Still want more information? Check our Parent Organization Websites:

BPW Ontario | www.bpwontario.com 
BPW Canada | www.bpwcanada.com
BPW International | www.bpw-international.org

Working women from all walks of life

BPW Ontario has clubs throughout the province with members representing all levels of business, the professions and industry. BPW Ontario clubs are members of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women knows as BPW Canada, which is in turn a member of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women BPW International.

United Nations Category 1 Status

There are BPW clubs in over 100 countries around the globe. BPW International has category one consultative status with the United Nations and actively participates in the work of (ECOSOC) the United Nations Economic and Social Council and related committees. Although some BPW clubs were formed earlier in Ontario, BPW Canada and BPW International were founded in 1930.

Operating Structure

The Provincial Organization has a Board of Directors comprised of Executive Officers, Standing Committee Chairs and District Directors. Each club has a formal structure for business and programs. The main standing committees are Public Affairs, Personal Development, Program, Publicity & Public Relations and Membership.

Connection to the World

Communication with the various levels of the organization and its members is achieved through: e-mail, websites, annual reports and other BPW publications. Networking and face-to-face contact occurs at Club Meetings, Provincial Conferences, National Conventions and International Congress.